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TYFDSAI is a MEMBERSHIP CLUB that has established a fund to acquire businesses, provide support, and connect our members to Black-Owned Businesses. This fund comes from the members of TYFDSAI who contribute £2 per week towards the fund as an annual membership subscription.


What is a TYFDSAI associated business?


A TYFDSAI associated business is a black-owned business that has opted to be included in the TYFDSAI Black-owned directory and may choose to participate in our TYFDSAI membership benefits program by becoming a member of the club.


What are the benefits of becoming a TYFDSAI associated business?


TYFDSAI associated businesses will be added to TYFDSAI’s directory of Black Owned Businesses and will be eligible to take part in some of TYFDSAI’s business, service, and product promotional campaigns. TYFDSAI associated business may also choose to opt-in to TYFDSAI’s membership benefits program, in which they agree to provide discounts/deals and special offers to the members of TYFDSAI.

What is the benefit of TYFDSAI’s membership discount and special offers program?

Businesses and offers with the membership discount will be featured on the TYFDSAI offers page and will receive active promotion through the TYFDSAI network.

What kind of deals/discounts should be offered as part of the discount program?

The discounts may be for a particular product or service (I.e. 15% off drink products), or maybe a whole store discount (I.e. 5% discount across the store). TYFDSAI has 2 membership levels and you may choose to offer different discounts to different levels (I.e. 5% off for basic members or 10% off for 3-star members). Ultimately, the discounts are entirely up to you, but having a good discount increases the amount of promotion it is likely to qualify for and the more traffic it will likely generate.

What are 3-star members?

3-star members are members of the organization who have achieved TYFDSAI’s referral requirements, bringing more customer into the network for you to benefit from.

Do I have to be a member of TYFDSAI to become an affiliated business?

Currently, you do not have to be a member of TYFDSAI to become an affiliated business, however, some promotional campaigns will only be available to our members, and our members will receive priority in feature placements. Membership requirement may change in the future.

Am I eligible to be a TYFDSAI associated business?

If you are a Black-Owned, or a majority Black-owned business then you are eligible to become a TYFDSAI associated business.

How do I become a TYFDSAI associated business?

Complete the application form and your application will be responded to within 3 working days.

Am I entering into a contract?

No, becoming a TYFDSAI associated business is a formal agreement, but not a contract. This agreement can be revoked in writing by either party, for any reason, with immediate effect.

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