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This Campaign has been set up to provide care packages for Teen age mothers who have become pregnant whilst attending school and have had to leave. Jamaica's 1980 Education Act stipulates that a girl who becomes pregnant will be excluded from attending the public educational institution but may be permitted to return after the birth of her baby upon the discretion of the Education Minister.
This results in the teen mom missing a significant part of their education. There is a main centre (Women Centre) in Kingston Jamaica that pregnant teen mothers can attend whilst pregnant, to continue their education until they have their baby. However, there is a significant amount of teen moms who do not or are unable to attend due to struggles with finances such as childcare, bus fare and lunch costs to attend as often these mothers are from poor backgrounds and have limited support.
Often these teen mothers have been sexually abused as they are under the age of consent which is 16 years old. Teen moms over the age of consent often lack the support of the men who get them pregnant, who are often much older men that prey on these young, vulnerable girls.
These mothers struggle to find basic provisions such as food, toiletries and clothing for themselves and their babies due to being part of household struggling in poverty.
The funds provided will be used to purchase food, clothing, toiletries, baby toys and books. It will also be used to pay for shipping the goods to Jamaica and transportation cost to the distribution point. The aim is to purchase food, nappies, toiletries, baby clothes all necessary provisions for the mothers and their children to provide a good start following the birth of their baby.
This campaign is dear to me as I was a teen mother in Jamaica and would have suffered immensely had I not receive support from my family.
I am hoping that with the generosity of all who can donate to this worthy cause that we will be able to make a difference to as many teen mothers in the Jamaica as possible. I have previously worked as a Child Protection Social Worker in the UK and have seen first-hand and understand the impact of teen pregnancy can have on young women who are often abused and get pregnant at an early age. I intend to work with people on the ground in Jamaica to support teen mothers to get back to their academic studies or support them to access vocational training or provide information as to how they can set up their own business.
It is of great importance that we assist to support these mothers out of a life of poverty. These young teens are often shamed and shunned by the people in their community, leading them to feel depressed and that there is no hope.
I will appreciate your support which will go a long way to help these teen mothers get back on their feet so that they can eventually get out of poverty. If you are unable to donate, please share with other people in your contacts.
Thanks in advance.

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